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Playouts are expensive. Please keep this free Project running with a small Donation.

Do you want a Web-based Video Playlist Client for Professionals and Streamer. Seamless Playing for 24/7 Broadcasts ?

Hello my name is Marco. Sure you know a few open source programs that allow anyone to start a radio station. But I come from the TV area and it is very hard to find something professional and easy, which is also open source. If you have reached this point by reading, then I am pleased. But stay tuned, I’ll explain why a donation makes sense and on what expertise you put, and why the project could be up for streamer.

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  • Core Updates
  • Link *.ply Files with "File association RedCast OnTime ListManager"
  • Update Loop Module: Loop to a specified Comment
  • Create New Module: Load List at specific Time

Available languages
English, Czech, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian & Slovak

Atem Switcher Plug-In (Experimental)


  • Unzip both Files in functions Folder.
  • Install Black Magic Design Atem Switcher Software >
  • Create a Macro first.
  • The Plug-In Controls only the Macros.

Issues & Requests


Please help us to make RedCast OnTime Multilingual.
Send your translation here >